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The Rock School Host Shoe-Cutting Party for Sole Hope

The Rock School Host Shoe-Cutting Party for Sole Hope

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Students, parents, and teachers came together this week in the school gymnasium armed with old jeans, empty milk jugs, and fabric scissors to help make a difference for children in Uganda through a partnership with Sole Hope.

Jiggers are small sand fleas that burrow into the bare feet of thousands of Ugandan children who often live their lives without adequate footwear and a misconception about the cause of jiggers. The result is infection, gangrene, paralysis, and occasionally amputation and even death. Many lose their childhood to this parasite and others are unable to attend school because their feet have been so badly mutilated by jiggers.

Sole Hope exists to offer HOPE, healthier lives and freedom from foot -related diseases through education, jobs and medical relief. By doing this, adults who need work get paid by Sole Hope to make the Sole Hope shoe for children in villages in the Busoga region.

The Rock School hosted a shoe-cutting party and over the course of several days, student prepared and assembled more than 100 pairs of shoe kits to send overseas. There, the shoes will be assembled by local workers and given to children in need. Additionally, the school donated more than $1000 to assist the ministry in their efforts and to provide a fair wage to the shoe-makers.

The students were taught about the creation mandate (Genesis 1:28) and God’s command that we are to be stewards over the earth and those who live on it during a chapel service.

According to Principal Jim McKenzie, the project was a way for the students to get involved.

“It can be hard for students to understand community service in a meaningful way, particularly younger children. So many service activities these days are about raising money to give to a cause. We wanted our students to be able to give to something in a more tangible way. For us, making shoes was the perfect solution.”

To learn more about Sole Hope, visit

Special thanks to Carolyn Buchanan and TempForce Gainesville for helping to sponsor the event.

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