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Biblical Worldview

Students attend chapel service each Monday morning and Bible class, Tuesday through Friday. Our Bible program has three parts: a survey course of the Old & New Testaments; a foundations curriculum that develops the tenets of Christianity; and a worldview program that teaches students the Biblical views of family and society and contrast them with other popular worldviews.

But it doesn’t stop there. We believe that God’s Word speaks to every area of life, and that the illusion of a sacred-secular split is a false ideology. Our greatest goal is to present the truth—in fact and in philosophy. Our textbooks have an underlying Christian worldview because there is more to life than facts and figures. We believe that learning is being able to judge correctly and use appropriately the facts and formulas. It is knowing how to respond with godly thinking to what is presented, in whatever form. It is having the tools to make a Christlike life.

25 years of testing by the Nehemiah Institute reveals a steady decline in the worldview score of the average high school student who attends church, but also attends a public school. The trend reveals that most of these students today are heavily influenced by the philosophies of humanism and socialism when it comes to their thinking about politics, education, economics, religion, and social issues. In contrast, after a year or more of study at The Rock School, these same students are scoring at a level more consistent with Biblical teachings and principles.

As a Christian school, we are more than a baptized public school with a Bible class. We are teaching students to think and act in accordance to Scripture, whether they are studying math, science, literature, or history.

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