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Know Your Neighbors – A New Perspective on Impairments

Students across the school are developing new empathy and awareness for people living with impairments. Mrs. Love’s 4th grade class started the year with a unit exploring “How can we make a difference in the blind community?” They learned about the story of Louis Braille and how Braille came to be, then got to spend […]

Do Something: We See You

From Kerry Caligiuri, mother of 3rd grade student Gianna Caligiuri: At the beginning of the school year, The Rock School commissioned its students to “Do Something”. Gianna decided she was going to collect toiletries, package them up, attach a love note, and hand them out to the homeless in our community. Over the course of […]

Do Something: Coats of Care

The homeless in our community are now a little bit warmer, thanks to the vision of one fourth grade student partnered with the assistance of a high school English class. Samuel Shore heard in chapel about the people here in Gainesville who do not have a place to call home. With winter on the horizon, […]

Why Teachers Make the Difference

The Rock School Teacher

What’s the difference when your child’s school teacher is mission and ministry-minded? Here’s what parents say about their Christian school teachers: “When our two oldest children went to college, they were clearly more prepared academically than their peers. Even more importantly, their hearts and minds were anchored in Biblical truth and Christian liberty. They love […]

Jim McKenzie: Leaders, Not Lemmings

There was a great commercial out by FedEx a few years ago that I think is absolutely hilarious. A company leader is giving a seminar to his employees. Here’s the script (or search for it on Youtube). Trainer (holding a lemming in his hands): “Does everyone know what this is?” Team Members (uncertain): “No.” Trainer: “Well, it’s a lemming. From […]