KNOWLEDGEABLE: We are literate with key knowledge and competent to learn more; we turn knowledge into wisdom as we apply our learning to solve real problems and participate in Christ’s restoration of the world.

INQUIRERS: We delight in discovering God’s world. As we ask questions, we look to God and Scripture to gain wisdom, discern truth from error, and find created purpose and order.

THINKERS: We develop biblical thinking skills to determine what is true and ethical based upon the sure foundation of Christ and Scripture, not upon the shifting sands of culture and feelings.

COMMUNICATORS: We build trusting relationships with God and others through honest, humble, kind, and balanced communication. We learn to speak and write powerfully and beautifully with words and visuals.

PRINCIPLED: We seek to live rightly, according to God’s Word, and have nothing to hide. When wrong, we confess and apologize. We treat others as more important than ourselves and try to live at peace with everyone.

OPEN-MINDED: We value all people as reflections of God’s mind, character, and beauty. We seek to understand and respect all. When we disagree, we engage conflict humbly and lovingly. Ultimately, we want minds open to, by, and for Christ.

CARING: We go beyond ourselves and show Christ’s kindness to others — laying our lives down for them. We sincerely care for people and also care about the work we do.

COURAGEOUS: Grounded in Christ, we stand up for truth, protect others, pursue justice, and expose darkness in order to love our neighbors – locally and globally – as ourselves. We do not fear failure, but use it as an opportunity to learn.

BALANCED: We nurture our spiritual lives, making sure no created thing rules over us. We practice time management, rest, self control, and priority setting in line with the gifts God gives us. We seek healthy social lives and balance in every conversation.

REFLECTIVE: We ask ongoing questions about who we are and what we do. We humbly invite feedback and lovingly offer pushback so that we and others might achieve our highest potential in every area of life.

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