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Do Something: We See You

By: Kayla Pollard

From Kerry Caligiuri, mother of 3rd grade student Gianna Caligiuri:

At the beginning of the school year, The Rock School commissioned its students to “Do Something”.

Gianna decided she was going to collect toiletries, package them up, attach a love note, and hand them out to the homeless in our community. Over the course of the next few months, we collected toiletries and compiled them in approx 130 bags. We sent approx 50 bags to those affected by Hurricane Micheal in the Panhandle and kept the rest for the homeless here. Her 3rd grade class wrote love notes to go in each bag for the homeless.

Then she had a heart to do more…. so she set up a table in our front yard with her own candy for sale and accepted donations for a piece of candy from our neighbors. We then took the collected money ($40) and bought cheese burgers, apple pies, and bottles of water to hand out along with our toiletries.

Tonight we headed downtown. We walked around handing out bags of toiletries, cheese burgers, apple pies, and bottles of water. We even made a special trip to St Francis House to donate approx 40 bags of toiletries and 15 cheese burgers and pies to its residents.

I asked Gianna why she did it and she said, “Most people walk by the homeless like they aren’t even there and that makes them think they don’t care. I wanted to show the homeless that I see them and care about them.”

Thank you to all who donated to make this project successful. Thank you to The Rock School for the challenge to look beyond ourselves and #DOSOMETHING!

If you have a vision for the next Do Something project, click here to get started!

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