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Why’s the School Entrance Blocked Off?

Why’s the School Entrance Blocked Off?

By: Jim McKenzie


We’re excited about the addition of a new awning system that will provide cover in front of the school entrance as well as connecting the back of our school to the gymnasium and preschool building. If everything stays on schedule, construction will be completed in early March, just in time for the rainy spring season.

The first phase of construction involves the area outside the school entrance. As a result, we will be using the door at the rear of the building as the main school entrance.

Please drive slowly and carefully on campus. With the construction fencing now up, we have limited sidewalk space and decreased visibility, so be extra vigilant in driving carefully at school. And please be patient with traffic at peak pick up and drop off times as the construction may create some delays.

We’re excited about the awning system and what it will provide for our students and families when it is completed. In the interim, we appreciate your patience and cooperation to ensure everyone’s safety.