In our Discipleship classrooms, learners will be encouraged in their Christian formation through a variety of activities and spiritual disciplines. Becoming a Christian is not only a moment of conversion, but it is a lifetime of formation. As such, we understand that we are engaging students in “a long obedience in the same direction” (Eugene Petersen).

Discipleship is a comprehensive effort that requires us to approach a student’s faith formation holistically by providing opportunities for:

  • Learning (wisdom) – engaging the head (theology)
  • Longing (wonder) – engaging the heart (liturgy)
  • Loving (works) – engaging the hands (justice)

To that end, Discipleship-making requires a commitment to these spiritual disciplines:

An Awareness of God. Students will have opportunities through prayer, worship, contemplation, and “sitting with Jesus” to learn to sense God’s presence and to become more aware of Him at work in their lives and in those around them.

The Study of Christian Theology. Students will engage in a serious study of the Christian faith by learning about church history, creeds, scriptural contexts, apologetics, cultural engagement, and sound theological doctrines. Students should be invited to wrestle with the challenging questions of faith and culture in this present age.

Reflection on Scripture. Students will have regular and frequent times to read passages within our sacred text and opportunity to reflect on these readings both individually and in small group settings. Reflection on scripture is intended to be different from times of study and will instead utilize practices such as lectio divina to allow the Word of God to speak directly to the reader.

Application in Daily Living. Students will consider how God may be using their awareness of His presence, their study of theology, and their reading of scripture to lead them to action in some way. Students should have opportunities to journal about how the Lord may be directing them in their personal transformation or to act in a broader context to “cooperate with God in the work of redeeming the world.”

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