Private Christian Middle School and High School

Academics – The Rock School is an accredited institution and offers students the opportunity to complete a standard high school diploma, qualify for Bright Futures™ and other scholarships, complete Advanced Placement™ (AP) courses, and seek admissions at any college or university desired. For graduation requirements, course listings and to see some of the places our graduates have gone check out our School Profile.

Dual Credit Program – The Rock School offers concurrent college credit through a partnership with Southeastern University, a Christian university located in Lakeland, Florida. The dual-credit courses are taught by our faculty on our campus during the regular school day, but credit is awarded for successful completion of the course by Southeastern University. Because SEU is an accredited school, these credits can be transferred to any college or university after graduation. There is no additional fee to enroll in dual-credit courses.

College Placement – Graduates of The Rock School go on to attend colleges and universities all over the United States. 97% of all alumni have attended college, and over the past five years, more than 65% went directly on to a four-year college. The Rock School boasts an 87% acceptance rate among students applying to the University of Florida as freshmen. At present, we have alumni in doctoral degree programs for dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, optometry, and law.

Electives – We believe that students possess many gifts and talents and we desire to see them developed. To that end, we offer classes in studio art, music, drama & acting, physical education, technology, and leadership.

Athletics – The athletic department of The Rock School is dedicated to enriching the lives of its student-athletes through sports. Our athletic teams prove that hard work and dedication translates to success on the playing field and on the court. Beyond athletic achievement, the focal point of the program is seeing our student-athletes represent the character of Christ. As we play in arenas throughout the state, we want everyone watching to witness student-athletes who play with passion and purpose.

College Counseling – Students begin the process of exploring college options and building their college portfolio in the 7th grade. At each step along the way, students are advised on the process, including research of schools, college entrance exams, course scheduling, application materials, and scholarships and financial aid. A parent workshop is held each year to share the latest information with parents and students.

Faculty – Our middle and high school teaching staff are certified, degreed teachers with a passion for helping young people achieve the highest levels of success. Additionally, their personal commitment to the Christian faith allows them to provide counsel, leadership, and encouragement to their students in a season of life when many students are looking for a good role model.

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