Private Christian Elementary School

Academics – Students receive daily instruction in each of our core subjects: Bible, reading, language arts, writing, mathematics, science, and history. Instruction is provided from a Biblical perspective, drawing meaning for each area of study from the context of God’s Word.

Faculty – Our elementary teachers are all highly-qualified teachers with college degrees and certifications from our accrediting agency. And, as importantly, they are committed Christians who serve as exemplary role models for students, encouraging them in both faith and learning.

Elective Classes – We believe in a well-rounded education. To that end, students participate in PE daily and attend art classes and music classes several times a week. Our Band program begins in fourth grade. All resource classes are taught by teachers who specialize in their field.

Elementary Sports – Our year-round sports program for grades K-5 offers students an opportunity to play soccer, basketball, flag football, volleyball, and baseball/softball. Practices are held immediately after school two days a week and games are played at local venues on Saturday mornings.

After School Program – We provide a daily after school program where students can participate in outdoor and indoor activities, complete homework assignments, and enjoy free time. Daily and monthly rates available.

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