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Why Teachers Make the Difference

By: Jim McKenzie

The Rock School Teacher

What’s the difference when your child’s school teacher is mission and ministry-minded?

Here’s what parents say about their Christian school teachers:

  • “When our two oldest children went to college, they were clearly more prepared academically than their peers. Even more importantly, their hearts and minds were anchored in Biblical truth and Christian liberty. They love the Lord more than ever and are flourishing. We are 100% confident that our youngest will be equally prepared when he leaves for college.”
  • “We have been very pleased with all our children’s teachers — they have all been knowledgeable, very involved, loving and good Christian role models.”
  • “Our son has bloomed in school this year!”
  • “We have appreciated the positive way in which teachers interact with our daughter — they encourage her to grow, but appreciate her as an individual. She loves it!”
  • “My sons’ teachers are on top of everything the students do — both good and bad.”
  • “We are very comfortable there. We love the staff and families and feel like we are cared for. Plus the Christian worldview is taught throughout the curriculum — very important.”
  • “You can tell that it is more than just a job for them; they truly care.”

Here’s what students say about their Christian school teachers:

  • “My teacher provides a feeling of safety. Kids can’t learn or grow unless they feel secure.”
  • “My teacher is friendly and willing to help.”
  • “We learn about God, and we learn a lot of things. The teachers are very nice and helpful.”
  • “My teacher really cares about kids succeeding and being comfortable and confident in themselves.”
  • “All of the teachers here always want you to be able to accomplish your work and learn the stuff you need to know in your class, and they are always there.”
  • “This school is really nice to me and my mom. They also treat me normally even though I have diabetes.”
  • “The Christian school teachers that I established a relationship with are very special to me. The fact that most of my teachers cared about me individually and spiritually was amazing.”

Christian school teachers not only teach facts and figures, but they also integrate God into all their subjects. Math displays the orderliness of God. Social Studies reveals God’s working in lives of people. In History, students can see God’s timing as well as the consequence of good and bad, wise and unwise behavior.

To Christian school educators, teaching is more than a vocation; it is a calling and a ministry. Christian school teachers view teaching as a gift from God to serve the body of Christ. These are the most mission-minded teachers in the country, who deeply value the importance of education for life and eternity. They also know that education is more than cramming students’ heads with facts and figures to pass a government mandated test.

Christian school teachers help their students to think — to creatively apply the lessons they’ve learned in one subject to those in another. They provide a well-rounded education that addresses the whole person. In short, Christian school teachers teach wisdom for all of life.

Students also need to grow spiritually and develop godly character. Throughout the day, Christian school teachers incorporate within their instruction that which pleases God: to care about and respect others, to be kind and gentle, to practice patience and self-control, and to develop personal responsibility, joy and peace.

Christian school teachers partner with parents to shape their children into kind, responsible, wise, productive citizens and community leaders.

And that makes all the difference.

If you’re looking for ministry-minded teachers who view their work with your child as a call, a passion, and a matter of the heart, we are here to serve you. To find out more about how the teachers at The Rock School are making a difference, please call us at 352-331-7625 to schedule a free educational consultation or complete the form below and we’ll contact you shortly.

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